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Q: How To Find The Facebook Page And User Profile Numeric ID Number?

Facebook Page and Profile Info Finder

Many Facebook Applications need Facebook Page ID and Profile ID now-a-days. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appear. Facebook Like Box and some other plugins require this unique ID.

suppose for adding a Facebook plugin in wordpress or adding the facebook like button with open graph protocol (to place in fb:admins meta) in your website etc. But what may be the case, sometimes finding petty things becomes too tough or quite out of the ordinary.

So just to make your life easier, let’s quickly go through these way, and use this tool that is convenient for you!

With this tool you can find / search Information about any facebook page and user profile with USERNAME.
In this version, this windows desktop application can find,


First Name
Last Name
Total Likes
Talking About Count
Publish Status
Page ID
Cover ID
Cover Download Link
Page Link
About etc..


Profile Picture

You can also save the cover photo and all the founded information of the page in your computer, as a text file and jpg image file.

Download Links

(With DotNet 2.0 And Windows Installer 3.1) Recommended
File Size: [27 MB]
Download Time: [8 Minutes]

(Without Dot Net and WI) If You Think You Have Already Installed DotNet2.0.
File Size: [270 KB]
Download Time: [1 Minute]

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