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The 668 Information and Verification system

The 668 Information and Verification system

(by saqib Sabir)

Many of us are worried of SIMs registered against our CNIC, that we never used at all.
Mobile companies are allowing cell phone customers to block those SIMs which were never purchased by them.
You can do this by This Desktop Application.
Just Use this software and find how many SIMs are registered with your CNIC.

Facebook Page And Profile Info Finder

Q: How To Find The Facebook Page And User Profile Numeric ID Number?

Facebook Page and Profile Info Finder

Many Facebook Applications need Facebook Page ID and Profile ID now-a-days. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appear. Facebook Like Box and some other plugins require this unique ID.

Media fire Direct Downloader V1.0

MediaFire Direct Downloader

MediaFire is a free file hosting web site, and millions of people in the world use this site to share files with others, MediaFire creates links are URLs to make it easy for their users to share files and folders. The link look like this ( 
if we use media fire links directly, the link is directed to a page which is full of advertisement. So that they can earn the necessary amount of money and can give us the free service they are providing.

Telenor MMS Retriever

Telenor MMS Retriever
Telenor MMS Retriever
Telenor MMS Retriever 
Sometimes we are using those mobile phones which can not received MMS (Multimedia Message Service), due to the MMS settings are not installed in our phones or our phones have not the capability to receive an MMS or connect with internet. So Telenor sends a SMS at this type of mobile phones instead of MMS.

Websites & Ads Blocker V1.0

Websites and Ads Blocker V1.0

This Little Application Will Provide a facility to block and unblock web address.
"But What's New In This? We Can Easily Block Websites By Browser Extensions."
Yes of course! You can simply use your browser extensions to block/unblock web address
but it's not real block This website will not work only in your current browser.
Such as you are using Chrome and want to block Facebook via chrome extension, so it's only block in chrome and Facebook will be working fine in I.E.
Same Like This: