MDD Main Body

MDD Settings

MDD Settings

MDD History

Here you can see how MDD keeping records, and provide you filter facility
(Name of files and Url's of files are removed due to security reason)

MDD Clipboard Locator

When you copy Mediafire Shared link from any where (notepad, webpage etc) this window will appear.
(You can turn OFF/ON this option as you need)

 MDD Taskbar Controls

MDD in your system tray.
(You can turn OFF/ON this option as you need)

 MDD (After Successfully Download)

MDD after completed a task, you can see MDD complete task only in 9 seconds. If you disable file size so this time will decrease to 6 seconds. 

MDD Direct link provider

After finding direct link of your file MDD will check what to do,
provide you the direct link or start download imminently.
Now in this picture MDD providing you download link.
(You can turn OFF/ON this option as you need)


MDD CAPTCHA control, this is MDD captcha control here you can load, Refresh and solve captcha.
you can turn OFF this option and if you want you can solve CAPTCHA in your Default Browser.
(Captcha will appears if you download one file more then one time none stop).